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We provide a wide range of consultants which can help youramazingidea to get into the next step with high efficiency and scalability.

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Approaches fromEngineering

Trying to validate your amazing idea, but no engineering Co-Founder with you?
Don't be afraid.We understand what you are struggling with.

Our Co-Founders and Consultants have considerable experiences in cross-disciplinary fields. Thus, we offer a wide range of professional skills to improve your ideas and implementations.

Also, you will never know your outsourcing team is making unnecessary code. To avoid unscalable code, we will monitor your engineers or even an external outsourcing team that helps you to code.


Early-stage Advising

Before beginning your amazing idea, there is a few things to be noticed or can be even better. We are helping our potential team to plan and evaluate their business model and other relevant stuff.


MVP Advising & Recommendations

With our professional consultants, they are helping you to begin to validate your idea with clear structures and strategies, which calls solutions.


Advise and Examine Your Engineering Team

Credit earning is tough, especially with the outsourcing team. We are working closely with experienced project managers. So on, we are not just providing engineering consultancy, but also progress and engineers output quality monitoring.


With highly skilled and experienced consultants, your amazing idea is going fast-forward on the hardest early-stage.

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Mr. Wang

Senior Project Maganer

Geography, National Taiwan University

  • Senior Product Manager, BoniO
  • Project Manager, WeMo Scooter
  • Senior Analyst, Taiwan Star Telecom
Mr. Lee

Senior Growth Manager

Physics, The University of Southern Mississippi

  • Marketing Manager, FLUX
  • Chief Growth Officer, Airloft
Ms. Liu

Co-Founder of Re-lab

Finance, National Taiwan University

  • Information design & Communication strategy consultant , Re-lab



Only charging service fees is boring and old school. Unlike other outsourcing teams, we help our potential team to succeed. We also provide plans to save your money on early-stage.


Your reliable technical team. With our creative, innovative, and engineering background co-founders, your amazing idea is going to be strongly scalable.

Max Yi-Hsun Chou

Strategy and Growth

NTU Computer Science & Information Engineering

  • NTU Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Software Consultant, Academia Sinica
  • Senior Software Engineer, WeMo Scooter
  • Y Combinator Startup School 2016
Yu-Hsiang Wang

Hardware Integration

NTU Electrical Engineering

  • NTU Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Data Science Research Assistant, Academia Sinica
  • NTU EECS Lab
An-An Huang

Risk Analysis

NTU Accounting, College of Management

  • NTU Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Intern, Ministry of Education
  • Intern Analysis of Financial Statement, Ernst & Young Taiwan
Yi-Feng Tsai

Client Relationship

NTU Bio-lndustrial Mechatronics Engineering

  • NTU Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program
  • Double major in Plant Pathology & Microbiology

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The service of TechInvest is very easy and straight forwarded. It makes the building of MVP into tiny actionable steps, which helps us test the market with the speed of lighting.

Airloft recommendation.Chief Growth Officer, Airloft

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